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What does Mount Hermon taste like?

Is Masada as bitter as its story? 

And what is the flavour of the Holy City?


Israel is a small country, with a rich and diverse ecosystem, a combination of soil, sun and people from different cultures. Herbs, clods of earth, citrus fruits and wildflowers create the culinary identity of the different regions of Israel.


Studio Mela travelled the land of Israel, visited various areas in different seasons and  looked around. ”Between rising cities and concrete roads, we saw beautiful scenery. We smelled the wild herbs after a rainy day, we felt the sun burning our skin and we heard the bees buzzing around us and the feeling of alert peacefulness felt like home.


Foodscape wishes to share with you the impressions of those primaeval landscapes.

You are invited to stroll with us from North to South, to observe the vegetation revealing their roots, resonating immigration and longing for home. 


To preserve the essence of those experiences and share them with you, Mela studio extracted the flavour from various wild herbs. Some of them are common and familiar and some are rare and surprising. We invite you to taste the lands’ flavours and aromas in the form of Israeli Gazoz.

This project has been a collaboration with JArts Boston and Bamah

You are invited to stroll with us from North to South of Israel


Smell the local flora


Observe its exposed roots 

Thyme roots

Taste the flavors of the earth

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