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Ultra Sensory

When we eat, all of our senses are enhanced in order to assess whether the substance we're about to ingest is safe or potentially harmful. 

To do so, we examine its shape, colour, smell, texture and finally its flavour. 

The installation displays a variety of familiar products such as tonic water, olive oil and honey, slowly dripping from glass containers suspended from the ceiling.

These products remain unaltered except for being illuminated under UV light. UV waves have a transformative effect on the way our eyes perceive the colors of these edible substances.

Their unique molecular properties create a fascinating reaction, fundamentally disrupting our instinctive perception of these familiar foods.

As visitors enter the gallery space, they are invited to engage their senses by reaching out with their hands and tongues, smelling, observing, tasting and ultimately identifying the substance they are about to digest.

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