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Israeli Art in a Bite


Studio Mela invites you to get familiar with Israeli culture in the bond between food and art. An unusual combination that stimulates all the senses.

This workshop is a practice of translation between two mediums, from an Israeli painting, to a multi sensorial experience.

You will encounter artists and their canonical or contemporary works. Through guided imagination, you will learn to feel the painting and touch its essence.


At your disposal, there will be a variety of raw ingredients with different colours, flavours and textures unique to the Israeli cuisine. With these materials you will design a bite that expresses the essence of the artwork that you have chosen.


In the end of the session we will smell, touch, feel and taste each and try to recognize the painting it was inspired by.

*All raw ingredients are vegan 

*Workshop duration is 2 - 3 hours

*No prior culinary knowledge is required
*The workshop is suitable for 8 to 26 participants

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