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"Blow Dough"

A “dough balloon” was created using seasoned dough and an industrial blower, with a high temperature of 600 Degrees Celsius. The dough was inflated into a balloon shape while simultaneously being baked, making the final product edible.

During the manufacturing process, local herbs are added to the blowing act and their exceptional senses are assimilated to the dough. Thus, the entire eating experience is enriched. The project illustrates the food manufacturing process in a small-scale factory that was established for one day, as an analogy to the street food carts and to the urban eating experience in Jerusalem.

The project offers a new perspective for dough uses by borrowing the producing process from other industries and allows the participants to view and be exposed to the food process openly and transparently.

Collaboration with Omer Polak and Chef Erez Komorovsky

"Blow Dough" won the Food Design category at the Core 77 Design Awards.

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