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Studio Mela

The tools with which we explore the relationship between individuals, space and food, utilise and stimulate all the senses. Thus we provide an exclusive opportunity to immerse in a unique experience which is so much more than just food. 

Our goal is to identify, extract and enhance the sensory triggers that exist in the world around us . Through food, design and movement , we search the relations between culture and pleasure.

Michal Evyatar

Michal Evyatar - Multi-disciplinary designer focusing on culinary performance. Master in Experimental Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Michal creates food experiences that challenge familiarity by combining design, stage, and food practices. Michal worked as a pastry chef in Kunming, China. She specializes in Israeli cuisine, has been a chef in a few restaurants in Israel and led innovation processes for the food industry at Feincook culinary lab.

Carmel Bar

Carmel Bar - Artist, performer and chef. Graduate, of SVT, MASPA- Gaaton Kibbutz and Scuola CONIA- Cesena (Italy). Teaches sculpting tools and techniques at the SVT in Jerusalem. Carmel creates events on the border between performance, fine art, and culinary pleasure – redefining the "Event" as another form of art, stimulating all the senses. Carmel's projects have been presented in Cesena and Santarcangelo (Italy), Prague (Czechia), London (GB), Jerusalem, Tel Aviv.

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