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Soil Food

We believe that soil is the source of life, it contains all the values from which the animal and plant kingdoms exist. 

The project brings the soil closer to man's mouth so that he can study it anew, feel it on his lips, smell it and even taste a little of the soil he steps on and which he processes every day.

   Soil Food is a mobile factory for making utensils from soil, and a field kitchen for local food production.

This is a project in motion that travels between villages in the country and studies the land, the plants that grow on it and the people who cultivate it.

In cooperation with the local people, soil is collected, liquids are added to it and processed into clay that is comfortable to work with, passed through a particular extrusion mold that produces individual cups and plates. The dishes are dried in the sun and in the smoker mounted on top of the mobile studio. The dried dishes are brushed with a layer of edible glaze such as honey and date syrup that seals the dish for liquid absorption, and even slowly spices the dish.

On the soil dishes are served delicacies from the cultivated and wild seasonal plantation. 

   The local people are then invited to eat the produce of the land and get a renewed acquaintance with it.

Photos: Noa Penn 

The project was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Art

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