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Carmel Bar‭ ‬

Artist‭, ‬Dancer‭, ‬Performer and professional pastry Chef

Nationality‭: ‬Israeli

Date of birth‭: ‬5.19.1986‭ ‬

Address‭: ‬30‭ ‬Israel Misalant St‭. ‬Tel-Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭ ‬


2017-2019‭ - ‬Conia School‭, ‬directed by Claudia Castellucci‭, ‬Cesena‭, ‬Italy‭.‬

2010-2014‭  - ‬School of Visual Theater‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

2009-2010‭ - ‬Yasmeen Godder Workshop‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

2007-2009‭ - ‬Maspa‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Mate Asher School for Performing Arts and Dance‭, ‬Gaaton Kibbutz‭, ‬Israel‭. ‬

2006-2007‭ - ‬Pastry studies at‭ ‬“Tadmor”‭ ‬culinary school‭, ‬Herzliya‭, ‬Israel‭.‬


Work Experience

Since 2017‭ - ‬Teaching sculpting tools and techniques at School of Visual Theater‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

Since 2015‭ - ‬Artistic director and co-founder of studio Mela Tel-Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

2010‭ - ‬2018‭ - ‬Chef and Pastry Chef in various restaurants in Israel‭.‬

2014‭ - ‬2018‭ - ‬Member of Zik Group‭.‬

2015‭ - ‬Training manager for Public Movement’s exhibition‭-‬”National Collection”‭ ‬in Tel Aviv Museum of Art‭.‬

2015‭ - ‬Designer of‭ ‬‘Hakaron’‭ ‬International Puppet Festival‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭. ‬



Hebrew‭ - ‬Native

English‭ - ‬Fluent

Italian‭ - ‬Fluent

French‭ - ‬Basic


2019‭ -  First Prise for Best Exhibition in DesignArt Tokyo‭, ‬part of‭ ‬‘Garden of Eden’‭ ‬by Jerusalem Design Week Pavilion‭.‬

             ‬Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts support for‭ ‬“Two Gardens”‭ (‬Collaboration with Eynav‭ Rosolio and‭ ‬‮"‬Hazira”‭ ‬Theater‭).‬

2012‭ - ‬ Winner of Jerusalem Mayor’s Excellence Award‭. ‬


Exhibitions and installations

2019- ‘Palette to Palate‮'‬‭, ‬Doron Sabag collection exhibition at Sothbys‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel (by Studio Mela).

           ‘Ultra Sensory’‭ ‬Print Screen festival‭, ‬Hulon‭, ‬Israel‭ (by Studio Mela). ‬

           ‘Vanish’‭ ‬Gala of Swiss friends of Israel Museum‭, ‬Zurich‭, ‬Switzerland‭ (by Studio Mela).‬

           ‘Manna’‭, ‬Pecha Kucha presentaion and performnce‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭ (by Studio Mela).‬

           ‘Minei Mezonot’‭, ‬Zumu museum‭, ‬Hazor Haglilit‭, ‬Israel‭ (by Studio Mela).‬

           ‘Garden of Eden’‭ ‬group exhibition of Jerusalem Design Week‭, ‬DesignArt Tokyo‭, ‬Japan‭ (by Studio Mela). ‬

2018- ‘Reliquiae’‭, ‬solo exhibition as part of Hazira dance festival‭, ‬Hansen House‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

           ‘Salt Repast’‭ ‬food installation‭, ‬opening event of Jerusalem Design Week‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭ (by Studio Mela).‬

           ‘Vanish’‭ ‬for‭ ‬‘Love Art Make Art’‭ ‬festival‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭ (by Studio Mela). ‬

2017- ‘The lowest place’‭ ‬group exhibition at studio-gallery Hasadna‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

2015- ‘Minaret of Defence’‭ ‬installations of Zik Group‭, ‬Tel Aviv museum of Art‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

           ‘Eat Roses’‭, ‬Prague Quadriennal for performance‭, ‬Prague‭, ‬Czech Republic‭ (by Studio Mela).‬

2014- ‘Maasef’‭ ‬group exhibition curated by Tali Ben-Nun‭, ‬Artists House‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭. ‬

           ‘Private Action’‭ (‬with‭ ‬‘New Stuff’‭ ‬collective‭), ‬Passion For Freedom Festival‭, ‬London‭, ‬England‭. ‬

           ‘Cloud’‭,‬installation at Santarcangelo festival‭, ‬Santarcangelo‭, ‬Italy‭.‬

           ‘Still Life’‭ ‬solo exhibition‭, ‬The School of Visual Theatre‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬


Stage works‭   ‬

2019- ‘Two Gardens’‭ (‬collaboration with choreographer Eynav Rosolio‭), ‬The Gathering Festival‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

           ‘Libagione’‭ (‬collaboration with choreographer Eynav Rosolio‭), ‬Comandini Theater‭, ‬Cesena‭, ‬Italy‭.‬

2016- ‘The ability to stop existing’‭ (‬collaboration with choreographer Danielle Shoufra‭), ‬Performance‭ ‬Conference‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬

2013- ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’‭, ‬The School of Visual Theatre‭, ‬Jerusalem‭, ‬Israel‭.‬



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